• Susan Bates Comfort Cushion For Crochet Hooks Large
Comfort Cushion is a rubber sheath that makes hooks more comfortable for people who suffer from arthritis or experience soreness from extensive crocheting. It can be used on all brands and can be switched from hook to hook. This package contains two grips which can fit all steel hooks and aluminum hooks up to size US K10 (6mm). Apply a drop of liquid soap to the hook end. Push on blunt end on a hard surface to insert into cushion. Do not press on hook end. Never press against your hand or body to insert. Use a ballpoint pen to label your cushion with hook size.
Accessory Specifications
Material Rubber Sheath
Size(s) For steel hooks up to aluminum size US K10 (6mm)

Susan Bates Comfort Cushion For Crochet Hooks Large

  • Brand: Susan Bates
  • Product Code: A0155
  • Availability: 5
  • P 250.00

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